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Grayson Allen Returns

Duke Blue Devils guard, Grayson Allen, college basketball’s biggest villain, announced he will be returning to the Blue Devils. Allen announced his decision to skip the NBA draft and return on Tuesday via Twitter. Could this decision have anything to do with the fact that Allen’s draft stock took a massive hit from its initial projected first round pick to the second round? Most likely.

What Allen’s decision means is that his senior season will be critical regarding his draft stock. Especially, since his junior season was an absolute statistical nightmare. Last year, Allen came into the season with lofty expectations. And, needless to say, he fell well short of them. Allen’s previous PPG average plummeted from 21.6 to 14.5 during his junior season. His shooting percentage from the field, also took a huge dip from 46.6% to 39.6%.


Unfortunately, Allen’s junior season will be best defined by his disciplinary issues. The most heinous being his suspension for tripping opposing players during games on numerous occasions. Hopefully, he uses his senior year to show he has overcome this serious issue.

Naturally, Duke will be very dependent upon Allen during his senior year as they have already lost key players to this year’s NBA draft. This should work in Allen’s favor as he should be the primary scorer on a heavily talented Blue Devils team. If Allen can keep it together and have a superb senior year, he just may be able to place himself back into next year’s NBA Draft as a first round pick. And maybe, just maybe, he could also restore his legacy in the process.

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