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2017 FanFest At Georgia State Stadium

daniel wilson

The Atlanta landmark formerly known as Turner Field has been transformed into a new landmark, Georgia State University’s football stadium. The Parker H. Petit Field at Georgia State Stadium is truly a sight to be seen. Last night, GSU hosted their inaugural FanFest that included activities, a practice and simulated scrimmage. The stadium does have a bag policy that’s similar to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Before walking in, there’s a wall behind the Hank Aaron statue that says GEORGIA STATE PLAYS HERE. Get your cameras ready folks to Snap, Insta, Tweet, Facebook! As an alum, I was extremely excited to see the new digs. As soon as I  walked through the metal gates I was left speechless at how beautiful the stadium is. The Fan Shop is directly in front of you as you walk in, the concessions are on the right and Pounce Town is on the left. Pounce Town is a play area for smaller children that includes a tree house plus other kid friendly activities.

Construction on the stadium started February 2017 and there have been frequent updates on the stadium’s Twitter page but there is nothing like seeing it in person…it felt magical. Knowing the history of GSU’s football program and where it started, it’s super cool to finally have a place to call your own. Going to the Georgia Dome on game days was cool but it always felt like a temporary home. The Parker H. Petit Field at Georgia State Stadium IS home.

The bright blue paint with the word Panthers painted in white at the end zones glistened in the bright sun. Everything aesthetically about the stadium is lit. It’s a beautiful backdrop to take the perfect portrait. I stayed on the left side of the stadium but I’m sure the right side is just as perfect. If you’re interested in the food prices, my friend purchased a Powerade, fries and cheeseburger for $10. The prices are reasonable and the most “expensive” item on the menu is a slice of pizza for $6.00.

I along with my friend and children thoroughly enjoyed the FanFest. Seeing the team take their first Panther Walk into the stadium made me smile with pride. I’m looking forward to what Coach Elliott will bring to the program. In two weeks, Georgia State opens the season by hosting Tennessee State at 7 p.m. and this is what coach Elliott said to the media last night.

“Tennessee State is in our minds every single day,” Elliott said. “It’s the first thing we see when we walk in the door and the last thing we see when we walk out of the office. We understand how important that first game is.”

It’s time for The State Way! Go Panthers!


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