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2017 Penn Relays

This three day sporting event is something that every sports fan should add to their bucket list. Our Campus Ambassador Tesseler Dillion  shared her desire to see FFF cover the Penn Relays and share some of the top track and field moments on our website. We are working to expand our content and track and field is a sport that we look forward to covering more.


There was a total of 108,912 fans present and here is the day-by-day attendance breakdown:

Thursday- 22,894
Friday- 38,598
Saturday- 47,420 (and I honestly think 30,000 of them were Team Jamaica fans)

The Penn Relays were happening around the same time as the NFL draft was so I had to split my time between both sporting events. Luckily Franklin Field wasn’t too far from the Philadelphia Art Museum area so I was able to get to and from both events effortlessly. Major shout out to my transportation of choice LYFT and how I never had to wait more than 2 minutes for each ride. Team Fans Favorite Fan would like to thank Olympic Legend Carl Lewis for sharing our content with his followers and for embracing me while covering this event.

It was a true honor to meet him along with other Track and Field stars Natasha Hastings, Miki Barber, English Gardener, Sydney McLaughlin, Team Jamaica Elaine Thompson, Wallace Spearmon, LeShon Collins, Casimir Loxsom, Donovan Brazier and Eli Hall-ThompsonI will share my top five Penn Relays moments on my next post and this event was a great fan experience!

Visit to see more and check out their FAN GUIDE which I used during my experience.


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