3 Things We Learned about The Georgia State Panthers

Brackets were busted as the unthinkable happen Thursday afternoon during one of the first games of the NCAA Tournament. The No. 14 Georgia State Panthers rallied a 13-0 run to come from behind the No. 3 Baylor Bears. Let’s talk about three things we learned from yesterday’s unbelievable victory.

image1.) RJ Hunter Is Clutch

In the last two games for the Panthers, RJ Hunter hasn’t played up to his normal offensive play. To be perfectlly honest, he has struggled. But, with less than 2 minutes to play in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament, Hunter stepped up to the plate and scored the Georgia State’s 12 of 13 points to rally from behind the No. 3 Baylor Bears. His game winner with 2 seconds to play was more as a dream. RJ shocked the world and not to mention, the internet as well.

2.)  Coach Ron Hunter Loves His Team

Not only has his son RJ Hunter broken the internet with his game winner, Ron Hunter did as well even his Achilles. Coach Hunter torn his Achilles in his celebration in the Sun Belt tournament and in Thursday’s game, Ron Hunter leaped out of his seat on the court side as his son’s 3-pointer drained threw the net. Let’s hope Coach Hunter is doing better.


3.) Georgia State Is Serious

When I started covering Georgia State this season I notice this team had a great defensive presents. As the season progressed, I also notice that this Georgia State team could cause some problems as they defeated team by 20 points or more. One key person that Georgia State has play with out is their starting point guard, Ryan Harrow. If Harrow can return from his hamstring injury, it’s on and popping. Keep watching the Georgia State Panthers, this team will shock the world.

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