NBA: 2014 Draft Grades

This year’s draft has shaped up to be one of the more exciting classes in past years. After the Cleveland Cavaliers disappointing pick last year, Cleveland made sure to pick the right draft prospect in this year’s class as they selected Andrew Wiggins as the number one pick.
Here are our grades for this year’s draft:





The Boston Celtics – A

Picks: Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State; James Young, Kentucky

Some would take these picks the Celtics made as a clear shot at Rajon Rondo. Danny Ainge is a much smarter business man than that. Smart and Young are not ready for a full time starting position in the NBA. As Rondo comes off an injury, this is the best way for Smart and Young to develop build up a better back court offense from one of the best guards in the league.

The Miami Heat – A

Pick: Shabazz Napier, UConn

LeBron James made his feelings known that he wanted to select Napier in this year’s draft via Twitter. In defense, the Miami Heat front office responded to the LeBron tweet in which he was never consulted about who the organization planned to be picked. What I took from their selection, the front office did what was needed to please who the organization planned to please, LeBron James. The Heat traded picks with the Charlotte Hornets. The Heat drafted Napier and in return, the Hornets received PJ Hairston and draft picks.

The Los Angeles Lakers – A

Picks: Julius Randle, Kentucky; Jordan Clarkson, Missouri

This is a rare moment to see The Los Angeles Lakers in the top 10 of the draft and they did not disappoint fans with their selections. Both Randle and Clarkson have high potential for the future and this is the very exact selection that the team needs. Randle should be a clear-cut runner for the rookie of the year next season. Randle could be compared to that of a Zach Randolph. Clarkson has a great defense of presents and will be a great backup which the Lakers need off the bench.

The Philadelphia 76ers – D

Pick: Joel Embiid


Team Tank! The Philadelphia 76ers went on a historic losing streak this past season and what for? The 76ers selected a player with injuries who may not be able to play in the beginning of the season. Sound similar to last year maybe? 76ers selected Nerlens Noel in last year’s draft and he has yet to play in a game. Embiid has great potential as Noel with no question, but Embiid is expected to be on the sideline at least 5-6 months. Back to the tanking boards.

The Minnesota Timberwolves – B

Picks: Zach Lavine, UCLA; Glen Robinson III; Michigan


Say goodbye to the love of Kevin Love as the All Star will move on. The Timberwolves selected two great players to fill in Love’s spot. Lavine, a lock up defender with a great jumper and Robinson, a knock down three point shooter. What I think that would have knocked their selection out of the park would have been selecting Cleanthony Early from Wichita State. Early, compared to KG, would have brought in other key players to the Wolves or even a potential trade offer.

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