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Anna Kaiser x Target Experience

“This ain’t your Auntie’s Zumba class” is what I said to a fellow #AKatTarget workout attendee. I was shocked! I wasn’t prepared for the workout they put us through and for once in my life I felt like I couldn’t dance. Imagine that! I just got back to Atlanta after being in Tampa for almost two weeks and the first on my “Will Do” list was this workout at 8:30am. One thing I noticed instantly about this workout was how they keep you moving to the beat and each move has a purpose. YOU WILL FEEL IT! I know that my butt was lifted an inch or two and my abs woke up after a few plank moves on the floor. Did I mention that we worked out in a Shipping container that held all that heat & sweat in?? I WAS IN FITNESS HEAVEN!!!AKTargetSC

I found my happy once I saw some of my followers in the same class as me and we had a blast. There was a lot of laughing and sometimes even confusion as we couldn’t predict our next moves, but had to watch our instructor at all times. I will say that the energy our instructor Michelle kept us going and this workout is for anyone at any level of fitness. I walked away drenched in my “Worth It” tank and I was happy that I completed that fitness experience.





One of my favorite juice bars, Kale Me Crazy, was there serving us with some of my favorite juices and that took this experience to another level. Anyone that lives in Atlanta knows how good Kale Me Crazy is and how I am a juice fanatic!


We love to share our fitness experiences with you and if we have the opportunity to share more we will. This is definitely a workout you need to try in a city near you!


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