#FansNBA: Are You Buying Into The Hot Atlanta Hawks?

Admit it, we are all amazed by the season that the Atlanta Hawks are having. Well, I can admit that I am. Standing 28-8 as of today, winning 22 of the last 25 games and sitting at the top spot in the Eastern Conference. With all of the success this season, despite all of the distractions going on off of the court with racial comments and the selling of the franchise, the players are still doing a heck of a job on the court.



Why are the Atlanta Hawks soaring this season? The Hawks are full of players that fit into a key role, from post players, to shooters, and passers. Which every NBA team has but what makes the Hawks special is that their making each other bring the best out of one another each night. “It’s all about ball movement and player movement.” says point guard Jeff Teague which his statement bring me to this point. The Hawks head coach is Mike Budenholzer, a former assistant coach of the defending NBA Champions, San Antonio Spurs from 1996-2013. The Spurs have some of the league best ball and player movement. Seems like Coach Mike Budenholzer has picked up some pointers from Coach Gregg Popovich and now doing an awesome job in Atlanta.

imageThe Hawks are being led by Al Horford who has stayed healthy this season. Last season, Horford played less than 30 games suffering from a torn right pectoral muscle. In a statement he told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Horford says, “Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve felt back normal. Once you feel better, you can help the team a lot more. That elevates all of us more because I feel like all of our guys were at the level and I was the one who was holding us back a little.” In the Hawks 32 games, Horford is averaging 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game. Last month, Horford was named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week and his teammate Jeff Teague shares with Horford this season.


But am I buying into the Atlanta Hawks this season? No! I have to say that they are doing a great job and I am sure that the team will continue to have an upside throughout the season. I feel like a Veteran team that has gelled together will find a way to break the Hawks. Whether that will be after the All-Star break in February or during the playoff, I just have the feeling that the tire will pop and the clock will strike midnight for the #1 seeded Hawks.

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