FFF Sound Off: Athletes And Off The Court Issues

Last week, former Louisville guard Chris Jones was dismissed from the team after Jones was charged with sexual assault and other multiple charges. Louisville coach Rick Pitino suspended Jones Feb. 17, 2015 after word of a threatening text message from Jones to a female student surfaced, but two days later, Jones was later reinstated. Feb. 21, 2015 Jones scored 17 points in a Louisville victory over Miami 55-53 and as the chargers were brought against Jones, he was later dismissed. Jones pleaded “Not Guilty”  in court and Jones’s lawyer is speculating that there is a video that shows his client’s innocence. As of now, Chris Jones is now home on home incarceration.

This brings me to our athletes and off the court issues. I think we all can understand a minor issues as a speeding ticket can be looked over. More and more athletes of just about every sports seems to find more trouble in today’s lifestyle. Example, Dez Bryant now has an off the field issues with a career ending video tape from 2011 that has hit the blogs and radio. Bryant’s agent has been said to have purchased the video to avoid from releasing to the public. What I think that organizations and schools should take on is every team of every sport needs at least two trained professional informants that specialized in stopping athletes off the court/field issues. Yes, more money will be spent but even more money is loss when teams have players arrested and or dismissed from the team. The players may feel like they are being “Spied” on but it is for their better and for college athletes, it could be that one step for his/her name being called at draft night. There is no price in keeping an athlete away from troubles off the court, these informants can and should teach athletes that their decisions off the court are just as important as their decision playing on the court.



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