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Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers

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Sunday was a busy sports day for me. Two home teams played, the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United…I wrote about my Atlanta United fan experience here.  It felt great to be back in Philips Arena seeing as I haven’t seen the Hawks play since we’ve entered into a new year. The magic never leaves and I always feel like I’m experiencing a game for the very first time. The Atlanta Hawks know how to give you a lasting fan experience.

Sunday’s game was a family day game experience. My children enjoy the activities on the second level and I love that there is something for both my 16 yr old & 8 yr old to do. Going to the Hawks shop is always a must because of new merchandise and the deal of the day.  There’s kind of a ritual that comes with game day and that makes it special.  You can feel the excitement in the air once you make your way to your seats.

Speaking of seats, we had great ones to view all of the action up close plus we were sitting in the Sixth Man section. They always add the extra flair of fandom and crunkness. The game was intense and for a moment I just knew we were headed to victory. Thank you, Tim! A minute left on the clock and we were up by 6, our game to win right; issa no. THEY don’t want you to win. I looked in horror as we gave the game away. Almost definitely doesn’t count. One of the best parts about the game was the thank you video package the Hawks put together for former point guard, Jeff Teague. It was a very classy gesture…really, thank you Jeff!



We enjoyed ourselves and that’s what counts. The fans, the team, Harry the Hawk, the cheerleaders and let’s not forget Ryan Cameron for threeeeeee. I love it when he says this. Let’s hope that the Hawks can get over this losing slump. Win, lose or draw we’ll always and forever be #TrueToAtlanta


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