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Be Like Dwight Howard And Just Tweet Through It

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You never know when it’s your turn to be on the summer jam screen. Last night the Twitterverse was in a tizzy as former Atlanta Hawks center, Dwight Howard, decided to host a Q&A about the 2017 NBA Draft. He didn’t even have time to have a solid Q&A before ramblings began that he got traded to the Charlotte Hornets. At 8:55pm he posted this…

I’m sure Dwight had zero idea that he’d be the talk of the NBA Draft town as just a mere five minutes later it was confirmed that he indeed was being traded to the Charlotte Hornets. Yes, Marc’s tweet has the incorrect team, however, life came pretty quickly for Dwight.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to Twitter, I’ll remember what Dwight said and be nice.

He only answered one question about the trade and that was regarding Paul George before ending the Q&A. I’m sure Dwight will be fine in Charlotte. It’s was just shocking to see that his welcome home was only welcoming for a year. Yikes! The new GM Travis Schlenk had this to say on last night’s trade:


Atlanta Hawks Twitter

Here’s what Dwight and the Atlanta Hawks tweeted today.

All the best to Dwight Howard!

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