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Believe in the Blazers!

College football programs need their fans. Fans buy tickets. Fans buy merchandise. Fans tailgate and add energy to the game day experience. Fans are a huge part of the game. EVERY FAN MATTERS! Tonight here at Legion field I watched UAB Blazer Fans cheer their team to victory & these are the same fans who were there when the program was cancelled.

Many of you know the story of how University of Alabama-Birmingham cancelled the football program and we saw the response to that. It upset fans allover the city. Alumni were pissed and many people scrambled to see how they could reverse this decision quickly. Fans marched with players who were against this decision and they made sure their voices were heard. Last week UAB’s win over Louisiana Tech had the entire country talking about the program. Tonight UAB Head Coach Bill Clark said, “The fans believe in us and we believe in this program!” To hear him connect this win with the fans really shows he understands how important they are & the fan experience at Legion Field.

This game was no easy win. Middle Tennessee came in ready to win since they have beaten the Blazers twice before. This fast pace game kept fans on their feet and I know that the Nascar fans in Talladega heard their THUNDER CLAP. After UAB’s win last week, we had to capture the fan experience during their Hall of Fame weekend and see if the hype was real.

This year’s UAB Hall of Fame class featured Roddy White (Football), Jerome Mincy (Men’s Basketball), Deanna Jackson (Women’s Basketball), Daniel Gaitan (Men’s Soccer) and Mirela Vladulescu-Booker (Women’s Tennis). Former Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Roddy White was present tonight in front of fans & it was a sight to see. Fans needed to see a player like him return home to show support towards this program. Listen to how we received the opportunity to cover this team tonight on our podcast, “The FAN SHOW”….

UAB’s Shaq Jones said, “We are playing for more than just ourselves. We are playing for the city of Birmingham.” Jones was one of the players who stayed at UAB after the program was cancelled and is excited to play again during his senior year. The mentality that UAB Head Coach Bill Clark instills in his players is , “NEVER QUIT!” You would think he would tell his players to work hard to win, but this mentality has pushed the Blazers to victory twice in a row.

There was one play where Coach Clark rolled the dice on not going for it on 4th & 3. I was thinking, “WHAT IS HE IS DOING?? They have been going back-and-forth scoring ALL NIGHT! CMON DUDE!!!” Middle Tennessee got the ball & UAB’s defense showed up to stop the Blue Raiders! This team is determined to show everyone that they are here to stay. Their fans stood by them. Businesses around Birmingham bought into them. Joni Mitchell said, “You don’t what you’ve got till it’s gone!” Well now that this college football program is back all you have to do now is “BELIEVE” in it! Can’t wait to see what else this program will accomplish this season. Welcome back UAB!




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