Butch Jones Charged with Coaching Malpractice

The Tennessee Volunteers were defeated by the Florida Gators 26-20. As with any Vols’ game, its not exactly about what happened, but how it happened.

Tennessee had the ball with 1st and goal from the Gators’ 1 yard line with 8:13 left in the third quarter. Quinten Dormady’s pass was incomplete to Marquez Callaway. On the following play after Florida was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, Jack Jones was flagged for a false start, putting the Vols back on the five yard line. Dormady threw another incomplete pass on 2nd down and on third down, Dormady threw an interception to Duke Dawson. Here is Butch Jones’s explanation on those series of plays:

“We had a run play call. They were 70% pressure football team. Would we have liked to run the football there? Absolutely. We didn’t think it was fair to ask Jarrett to run an underneath center snap. When we get the ball down there, we need to run the football.”

Quinten Dormady (21-for-39, 3 INTs) didn’t have a great day, but Jones put to bed any talks of his junior quarterback being benched.

“The quarterback is always a byproduct of individuals around him, and we had way too many missed assignments on the perimeter…when you have mental errors, that gives you no chance to be successful. He can’t compile a mistake, and try to make up for the missed assignment. The QB is a byproduct of the players around him,” Jones said.

It makes zero sense Dormady looks like he hasn’t been coached up at all in the two years he sat behind Josh Dobbs. For all the catch phrases, gimmicks and slogans Tennessee has manufactured over the past five years, the Vols are no closer to competing for an SEC East title, today.

The first half of that game set college football back at least 65 years. Both offenses looked abhorrently bad.

Butch Jones had a golden opportunity to take the lead after trailing 6-3 and completely missed the mark. There’s no reason at all to throw the ball when inside the opponent’s one yard line. Maybe, the Vols don’t have a power running game? What about Josh Kelly? Why didn’t he get the ball?

Tennessee is fortunate to have beaten Georgia Tech. Jones’s final stand as Vols head coach will take place when Georgia pays a visit to Knoxville. If they lose that game, Jones needs to reserve a moving truck and a real estate agent.


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