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Can You See Me Now? Verizon And The NFL Make A New Deal

NFL fans that have wireless carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint can now rejoice. With the more and more fans watching NFL games on their mobile devices, Verizon and the National Football League signed a new five-year, $2.5 billion deal on Monday. This new deal will let more fans watch live games on their phones.

Under the new deal, Verizon’s Yahoo and Yahoo Sports apps will join the NFL’s own app in becoming a showplace for watching live football on mobile devices. The prior deal mostly cut off non-Verizon customers from watching live football on their phones.

The new agreement starts in January with playoff games appearing on Yahoo, Yahoo Sports, Verizon’s go90 app and the NFL’s mobile app, Verizon said. Verizon said it could broadcast in-market live games, including pre-season, regular season, playoff and Super Bowl games.

This deal is a game changer. With the television viewership steadily declining, it’s very smart move on the NFL’s part that acknowledges that fans consume content in a different way. Lugging a 60-inch TV isn’t practical and fans are already on their phones checking updates and engaging via social media. This deal gives fans of any wireless carrier the opportunity to watch their team live wherever they go…they also aren’t tied to a particular cable network.

I’m glad that the NFL is finally catching up with the ever changing digital times. Now, if they would give the teams the ability to be great on social media like the NBA, they just might be on to something. Granted they would be late, however, late is better than not showing up at all.


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