CFB Top 5 #FansFavorite Things

5) Baylor slaughters Texas Tech

Yes, I have Texas Tech back on my list of Top 5 #FansFavorite things in College football. No, I did not expect them to BEAT BAYLOR! That was not going to happen! Baylor is truly showing how they’re going to dominate everyone that they’re playing and I have them in my top 4 along with Michigan State right now. I just need to figure out who the other two teams will be in the College Football playoff.



4) The CFB Rankings….

AP Top 25

1 Ohio State(38) 5-0
2 TCU(5) 5-0
3 Baylor(10) 4-0
4 Michigan State 5-0
5 Utah(7) 4-0
6 Clemson 4-0
7 LSU 4-0
8 Alabama 4-1
9 Texas A&M(1) 5-0
10 Oklahoma 4-0

Now that you have seen the rankings let’s talk about this. THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE NUMBER ONE! Nope. Not. Move them. I really feel as if Ohio State has not caught on to teams preparing for them no matter how small their programs are. They are looking to UPSET THE BUCKEYES! There is no SEC TEAM in the TOP FIVE of the CFB rankings. Welp. Then how did UTAH creep up on this list!? The Utes beat Michigan & Oregon. Enough said. BUT BAMA???? Why are you even in the TOP TEN? Like no. NO NO NO. 

3) College Gameday in Clemson

If you are a College Football FAN then visiting College Gameday in Clemson should be on your bucket list. Even Samantha Ponder agrees with me! You get to see and experience FAN loyalty. I sat outside in the rain with over 500 FANS who were there from 630am until 1pm of the College Gameday show taping on campus at Clemson. I was able to see how these FANS really represent their school and how much pride they have. They had the Pope there. I even saw the dog from the Bush Bean’s commercial. (Ok the pope really wasn’t there & that dog wasn’t famous but they look like it) This experience plus getting to see the “Most exciting 25 seconds in Sports” should be on your sports bucket list! THANK ME LATER



2) #RollTide literally….

There was so much hype surrounding this game that I even believed UGA was going to beat BAMA! Well Saban & company had other plans. Alabama beat UGA 38-10 and you could see the disgust on Coach Mark Richt’s face. There’s nothing you can do but prepare for the rest of your tough SEC football schedule and make adjustments. The slander UGA fans received on twitter was quite hilarious but they were loyal!



And the Number 1 Spot goes to……………….

1) BYOG: Bring Your OWN GUTS!

BYOG: Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney

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