CFB Top 5 #FansFavorite things


Let me tell you how I thought Texas Tech was going to beat TCU. “I thought that Texas Tech beat TCU!” LOL. This game had me on edge like the #TennvsUF game but clearly TCU had a point to prove.


#4 Overtime WIN

Texas A&M came back in overtime to beat Arkansas and we were along for the wild ride. This is the second time these two have met and winner was determined in overtime. Arkansas I just don’t know about your season right now and you just handed TAMU the momentum they needed to keep rolling in the SEC.




I tweeted that if Tennessee beat Florida I would learn Rocky Top and sing it on Periscope. Luckily they didn’t win and you all were spared a horrible singing experience. Let me just say that I didn’t expect Florida to come back and win this game either. On #AnyGivenSaturday teams have to be prepared to play ALL FOUR QUARTERS. Coaches have to COACH all four quarters. My followers and I agreed that Tennessee was outcoached and we are wondering what that means for Head Coach Butch Jones.



<Insert Kanye West Face> HOW????? Georgia Tech, You had one job! ONE JOB this week and that was to BEAT DUKE. The Blue Devils won 34-20 and I am still trying to figure out HOW!? RB Shaquille Powell & Duke’s Defense helped lead the Devils over the Yellow Jackets and I am done with GA Tech for now.

shaquille powellduke


And the Number 1 Spot goes to……………….

#1 Southern Hospitality: UGA

It has to be noted that UGA’s Head Coach Mark Richt is not your average College Football head coach. I’ve heard stories about his good deeds and what he does for his players. I’ve judged the mishaps that happen under his leadership and how many of his players have police records by the time they leave UGA. This weekend he earned some respect from me. UGA paid $665K to play HBCU Southern University and gave them a 9 minute halftime show to entertain their fans. UGA beat Southern University 48-6 but a second half injury showed us UGA’s Southern Hospitality. Coach Mark Richt, along with UGA athletic department, decided to fly out Southern University player WR Devon Gales parents out to Athens Saturday night to be with him after he suffered a spinal injury. You can read more here at Dawg Nation


UGA could’ve just done the bare minimum and then left it up to the HBCU Southern University to figure out the other details. But they didn’t. Coach Richt and the UGA staff have been there every step of the way and it says a lot about his/their integrity. I may not agree with a lot this man has done in the past, but this was honorable.

Our prayers are with you Devon Gales and we pray for a healthy, speedy recovery.

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