CFB Top FIVE #FansFavorite Things

5) Let’s Talk about Rankings:

AP Top 10

1 Clemson 9-0
2 Ohio State 9-0
3 Alabama 8-1
4 Baylor 8-0
5 Oklahoma State 9-0
6 Notre Dame 8-1
7 Stanford 8-1
8 Iowa 9-0
9 LSU 7-1
10 Utah

WHY is LSU in the top Ten? Ohio State is still pretty close but I feel like we are a Number 5 team. BAMA lost one so bring them down a few notches. You have teams like Houston, Temple & Memphis that are in the Top 25 but should be higher than they are ranked. We will continue to watch this. How did your team rank?

4) Shoutout to all my PEARS!


College Gameday was in Tuscaloosa this past Saturday and I am sick to my stomach that I didn’t drive there to experience it! Rapper Rick Ross was the Celebrity Guest Picker and the show was the chain. Lee Corso was absolutely hilarious in his antics and although he picked against BAMA this was a classic episode.



Welp Fournette was stopped! Alabama’s defense stepped up to shut up all of sports media who just knew that RB & Heisman hopeful Leonard Fournette would run allover them. BAMA beat LSU 30-16 and all I could say was “BRACE YOURSELF LSU FANS”.

2) Razorbacks beat Ole Miss.. Overtime SHOCKER!


This game was a fight to the finish. A lateral play and 2-point conversion done by the Razorbacks helped them win this game.“If I had been in Henry’s position, I wouldn’t have thought of it,” Alex Collins said. “Next thing I knew the ball was in the sky, it landed in my hands, and I ran for my life,” states Collins on receiving the lateral pass from Hunter Henry. All I know is it was shocking to see that play and then Arkansas going for the 2-point conversion in Overtime to win the game. Better luck next time Rebels.

And the Number 1 Spot goes to…………

1)MIZZOU team supporting #MIZZOUHungerStrike #ConcernedStudent1950

During a social change movement online it is important for those involved to understand their voice and their powers. Student-Athletes at University of Missouri understood this and decided to join in this movement for change during racial tension and planned parenthood issues on campus. It is because of the Athletes of Color decision that their Head Coach Gary Pinkel joined in along with the rest of the college football team.

In 24 hours we saw reports about this decision and one report came out that MIZZOU would lose over $1 Million dollars if the team did not play BYU this coming Saturday. This morning it was reported that the University’s President Tim Wolfe resigned and the students demands were beginning to be heard. Athletes you have so much power in your voice and your stand helped show this! Make sure you check out our posts on this and we salute Student Jonathan Butler, all of the students involved in the movement and to the College Football team and staff in their support of the movement.


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