CFB Top 5 #FansFavorite Things

#5: Oregon beat Georgia State 61-28

Now like I shared on my periscope video I am not pointing this out to mock the Georgia State University college football program. Broadcasters did enough of that. I support Georgia State and their program and I think it should be pointed out that they score 28 points on the ducks! This should be a confidence booster and I hope to see Georgia State going after their next opponents with the same tenacity but with a winning attitude & outcome.



#4: Heisman Watch: LSU RB Leonard Fournette 

I currently have a thing for Running Backs in College Football. Let me clarify that it is not an attraction. LOL! It’s just that I am noticing them more than anything during recent college football games. My favorite position is Defensive backs so for me to notice what a running back is doing says a lot. LSU’s running back Leonard Fournette ran all over Auburn as they beat them 45-21. Fournette had 19 carries, 228 yards and 3 touchdowns. DO YOU GET IT NOW?? Keep your eyes on this guy FANS



I really feel like Georgia Tech could’ve easily beat Notre Dame, but they didn’t. Notre Dame won 30-22 and I was upset that the Yellow Jackets could not pull this off. One thing is for sure Notre Dame won’t let an injured QB hold them back. This proves that Notre Dame are really the Fighting Irish.



I just don’t know what to say. If you follow me on social media then you know that I am the biggest Buckeye fan in the south. I was very disappointed in the way they played against Northern Illinois University, but it did not surprise me. It did not surprise me that this team wanted to knock off a #1 ranked team in the nation. It did not surprise me that Ohio State slacked off thinking that this would be an easy win. It did not surprise that THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY doesn’t think that they pre-K college football schedule would not give them a challenge. WELL they will. You see it and I saw it. UGH this game was stressful! Buckeyes won 20-13


And the Number 1 Spot goes to……………….


Let me tell you how the entire state of Mississippi won on Saturday. Mississippi State beat Northwestern State 62-13. University of Southern Mississippi beat Texas State 56-50. Over in Tuscaloosa, Alabama University of Mississippi handled business and BEAT ALABAMA. Yes, I still can’t believe it either! Back to back wins for the first time in Ole Miss history and you can watch a video of Head Coach Hugh Freeze dancing to Drake’s song Back to Back. It was a wonderful day for Mississippi and just an overall shock to the college football world.

LaquonTreadwell                   BAMAfan

BAMA fans are still upset! So when are they going to fire Lane Kiffin? Just asking. I know a few BAMA FANS that want to know. LOL! See you next saturday FANS!




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