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Champs! Atlanta United Wins 2018 MLS Cup

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The curse is finally broken!

On Saturday night, Atlanta United beat the Portland Timbers with a 2-0 victory to win a championship for the city in over 23 years. The south definitely had something to say.

When I found out the team was headed to the MLS Cup, I knew they were the only team in the state that could bring home the trophy. UGA failed us, the Falcons continue to fail us and the Hawks…bless their hearts.

I attended Atlanta United’s first inaugural game on March 5th, 2017 and had never witnessed something so magical. A sold out crowd of 55,ooo plus fans filled the stands at Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium and filled the Atlanta atmosphere with sheer excitement. The fans were rowdy, loud and proud. A moment that couldn’t be duplicated if another sports team tried. For two seasons, fans have kept that same energy.

That energy once again filled the Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a record championship crowd of 73,019. To hear thousands of people sing Atlanta rapper, Archie Eversole’s “We Ready” was a sight to see. The city was ready!

From day one fans to bandwagon fans, it didn’t matter. We, collectively, needed this win and I wanted to experience a win 23 years in the making. Atlanta United was under a lot pressure but that pressure rolled off of their backs like water.

When MVP Josef Martinez scored the first goal and Franco Escobar scored the second one, the stadium went wild. It was like the first inaugural game all over again. I have never seen fans so engaged from the start to finish. Standing the entire game, chanting, singing, clapping…no hype man needed. Stiff, where?

I was sitting on the opposite end of the supporters section and they never got quiet nor did they ever stand still from what I could see. Their flags waved throughout the entire match. They were rowdy, loud and proud. I was just happy to be in the building. I didn’t quite know what was happening but it made the experience that much more exciting. They say ignorance is bliss and it was a blissful evening.

My experience at Mercedes-Benz was an enjoyable one. They had plenty of team store stops along the way to my seat, the pulled pork nachos from Jim-N-Nicks was bussin’ and the cocktail from the Jack Daniel’s bar was hittin’. In the words of Future, sensational.

I was happy for the Atlanta United fans when their team won. It’s truly the best feeling when your team unites and conquers on their home field to win a championship in just two short years. Atlanta United should be extremely proud of their success. They have the best fanbase in the entire state. No other team will ever be able to mimic what they have. Period.

In 2014 Atlanta wasn’t ready to embrace a soccer team but they’re definitely ready now. Since that fateful day back in 2017, I’ve been a behind behind the scenes fan…that changed on Saturday. I shall stan Atlanta United forever. I’m looking forward to season three and what Atlanta United brings to the city. Another championship parade? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, we gon shine!


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