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Fan Perspective: Sun Trust Park Community Issues

Is it time that we put Cobb County and the Atlanta Braves in rice?

The Atlanta Braves just can’t seem to make it shake. Nothing they have done in the off-season and current has been to their benefit, their current record stands at 16-41, 5th in the National East and there has been nothing but controversy surrounding their move to the Cobb County. It’s going to cost residents upwards to $400 million dollars to build the new Sun Trust stadium with it’s additions of restaurants and shops. This is what the residents voted on so it’s time to swallow this bitter pill. What Cobb residents didn’t agree to is a paying higher taxes because Cobb has no money for it’s public parks. This is rich!

County officials say only $20 million will be available to buy park land.

Many of those public speakers at the commissioners’ meetings have wondered why the full amount could not be made available through the debt service fund, requiring no tax increase, since the commissioners were able to fund nearly $400 million for the Atlanta Braves to move to Cobb…

Commission Chairman Tim Lee has said a tax increase would now be needed to pay for the $40 million Park Bond 2008. H/T Field of Schemes


The little people are always getting screwed in the end. I’m having a hard time understanding how $40 million dollars was mishandled. Nothing good is coming from this move. It’s been all bad news from the beginning  and I’m starting to wonder if the ATLANTA Braves should be moving at all. Cobb County, fix this, your residents deserve better!

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