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Fan Show Podcast: EP 22

At the beginning of the show
Founder/CEO of Fans Favorite Fan Dawn Montgomery-Greene joins the host of the Fan Show Alex Berger. They start off the show talking about the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday and what their plans are for the long weekend. They both have interesting plans for Black Friday.

Dawn’s Top 5:

5. Why Lamar Jackson should be a Heisman Candidate
Dawn makes a strong case that Lamar Jackson should be a Heisman candidate in New York City on December 9. He’s also had a similar performance like he did last year when he receive the Heisman Trophy. She also brings the point that he is not one of the top five quarterback prospects going into the Draft next year.

4. Oregon gets into the turnover chain business
Dawn does not like that Oregon is doing their version of their own turnover chain because it does not fit their culture at UO.
Also, we talk about how the stuff is just gotten a little bit too silly getting a toy when you getting a turnover.

3. Baker Mayfield antics at Kansas
Dawn feels like that that Baker Mayfield does not have to apologize for his Sideline antics that he displayed on Saturday. We get into a long discussion about the controversy surrounding his actions. She states that the Heisman Trophy award isn’t given to student-athletes based on character alone. Because the past winners of the trophy do not dictate that.

2. Is the Big Ten the most spirited conference?
The voice of the Fan Report reports that the Big Ten is the most spirited conference. But Dawn and Alex disagree with that piece because SEC nation is everywhere. Even Dawn who is an Ohio State Fan disagrees with this.

1. Hampton University moves to the Big South Conference
Dawn describes how this is a big shakeup among the HBCUs and what does the future looks like for other programs. Biggest question is: “Will more HBUS want to make the switch to another conference?” We also get into the great NFL players that came from HBCUs and made it into the National Football League.



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