Fans NFL: Freeney is Coming to ATL!

Day six of Atlanta Falcons Training Camp brought the news of free agent Dwight Freeney’s arrival to Atlanta. The defensive end chose Atlanta over the Cincinnati Bengals and when the incumbent Arizona Cardinals showed no interest in resigning him, Atlanta became the number one choice.

“We didn’t bring him here to coach,”Falcons coach Dan Quinn said Wednesday morning. “We brought him in to rush … A good number of snaps will be in our nickel package, it will be based on the style of offense we play against, the two-minute situations and 3rd down packages. We don’t have a fixed number of snaps for him [Freeney].”

Last season, Freeney had eight sacks in 11 games after he was picked up in mid-october by the Cardinals.

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, Freeney will receive $2 million up front and possibly another $2 million based on performance incentives.

Meanwhile, running back Tevin Coleman was held out today due to a slight roll and a blister on his foot. Quinn said Coleman will be used in a cautionary role in Thursday and throughout the weekend.

When asked about Julio Jones’s and Matt Ryan’s leadership, Quinn said: “We have a good group and we’re close. We have a few leaders the team has elected to help uphold the standard.”

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