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Did Jalen Hurts Say The Right Thing At The Right Time ??

Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts slips into the end zone on a 7-yard touchdown run during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Southern California on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

ATL Fan Podcast

Football season hasn’t even officially begun and yet on this Football Friday episode of The ATL Fan Podcast, we have tons of news to sift through. From our Atlanta Falcon’s kicking off their preseason in Rutherford, NJ against the Jets to Jalen Hurts’ thoughts on Alabama to the never-ending​ drama with Urban Meyer and Ohio State. But above all, one question stands out more than any other — who knew from this past weekend in Canton OH that Michael Phelps and Ray Lewis in our besties???


Sean McEvoy with Auburn Quarterback Malik Willis and Michael Vick Ret NFL Quarterback Sean McEvoy on the left Malik Willis center Micheal vick on the Right

The Quarterback Whisperer Private QB Trainer and Buford High School QB coach, SeanMcEvoy​y joins us to give us insight into what the coaching staff is doing at Ohio State to prepare their team for the first game in September. We also discuss Sean’s thoughts from a coach’s perspective about players today dealing with the non-stop news cycle and how you can’t get away from it

Sean and I touch on’s article about the top 50 college players this year. He gives his opinions on the quarterbacks listed and what he sees for them this year. Also why Jake Fromm May be the better all around QB then Jarred Steadham of Auburn

It’s a quarterback’s world on this episode of The ATL Fan Podcast.

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