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Fan Experience: Atlanta Falcons vs Tennessee Titans

I went to Nashville on Sunday, October 25, 2015 to watch the Atlanta Falcons play the Tennessee Titans. I didn’t have tickets to this game but I knew I wanted some because I couldn’t put a cherry on my trip to my old stomping grounds without getting cheap tickets from the street!

As soon as my girlfriend Markita and I began walking down 2nd Avenue towards the Shelby Street Walking Bridge, I came across a gentleman who noticed the concerned look on my girlfriend’s face. He said, “I know you want tickets to the game.” Before I could respond, Markita said, “I just want to go to the tailgate and party.” I sighed in discontent because there is no way we could hustle from Atlanta to Nashville and NOT attend this game. I told the ticket scalper I would pay $30 for the two tickets. The scalper agreed. Markita was scared to her wits end because she saw I spent money with someone resembling a street hustler from The Bluff off Bankhead.

I was determined to get in the game and see friends, old buddies and make new memories. We got off the bridge and walked into Nissan Stadium. The tickets were legit and away we went. We walked in and my lady was in awe at the enormous size of the video boards. From each endzone, you can see the field as well as video from the game in brilliant 4K. There was no need to be in your seats when the views from the endzone concourses were just as awesome, if not better!

The weather was dreary, there was a slight chill in the Nashville air but we were full of joy and smiles! Markita even danced along with the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders!


The Falcons and Titans didn’t rewrite the NFL record books Sunday. The game had 4 turnovers and 17 points were scored between the two teams. But the atmosphere at Nissan Stadium brought me back to my high school and college days. My first NFL game was at that stadium Christmas Night in 2000. The late Steve McNair led the Titans to victory against the Dallas Cowboys. My alma mater (Tennessee State University) plays their games at Nissan Stadium. I shot my first football game on that field as well. Fast forward almost 15 years and new memories were made in the building sitting on 1 Titans Way and Victory Boulevard!

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