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Fan Experience: Atlanta Hawks VS San Antonio Spurs

Hi guys. She’s back with another fan experience.

Wednesday night I attended the Atlanta Hawks vs the San Antonio Spurs pre-season game with my son. The common thread that unites us is basketball. He’s been playing since he was four and is a huge Hawks fan. I mean, he’s 14, jobless and has season tickets. Like, how? Attending the Hawks games is the perfect marriage of spending quality time with a teenager. We’re not new to this; we’ve been #TrueToAtlanta for over a decade.

Upon entering Philips Arena you have to make your way to the Hawks Shop. I love the new design of the store; there were items that were eyed that would make great birthday and Christmas gifts. I was able to see the new jerseys up close and personal and I LOVE them…pictures don’t do them justice. I have to make one complaint. I wish there were more options for the women. The men have a plethora of options, plus, not everyone wants a baby doll tee.

We made our way to our seats and I was overcome with emotion. Listen. I know this sounds dramatic and it probably is…well it is BUT there is something about being in that arena. Sir Foster is the GREATEST organist in the world, the sixth man section is CRUNK, the interactive court is BOMB, Ryan Cameron is the MAN, Harry the Hawk is the BEST mascot and the engagement is PHENOMENAL. From the time you enter the arena until the time you leave, they have your attention. It also doesn’t hurt to have a DOPE ASS team.


If anyone from the Atlanta Hawks happens to read this, know this. My son RECORDED the game to re-watch it even though he saw it in the flesh. This says A LOT about your organization and A LOT about his love for the team. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing best since last season. We’ll always be TRUE TO ATLANTA!





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