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Fan Experience: Braves vs. Reds

Today our Junior Fan Experience intern Christopher was able to attend a Braves game at Turner Field. He’s attend games since he was one and every year he looks forward to his first game during the summer on his birthday. We usually try to attend 2-3 games a year, but when I told him that this was the last season at Turner Field he said, “So since it’s going away can we go to all of the games this year?” Of course I had to share with him that it’s not going away and they’re just moving down the street from where our relatives live in Cobb County, but he insists on going to as many games as we can this summer.

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Our fan experience started out rough! We were able to get our tickets without any issues, but it was redeeming his Premium Kids Membership that create a problem for us. First we were told to go to Guest relations to redeem it and then Guest relations sent us to FAN CENTRAL! When we arrived at Fan Central we were told that they couldn’t do it without a voucher that we never received. Once I listened to about 6 NO’s I found a YES when someone came from the back and said, “We can redeem it but we don’t have any small jerseys and won’t have anymore for the rest of the season!” You should’ve seen Christopher’s face! He wore a Major League Baseball logo shirt to the game because he knew he would get a Freddie Freeman jersey today. The jersey they gave us was an XL and we will just have to frame it until he can wear it.

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Once we left there we went up to the 755 club and had to RSVP in order to sit down in a shaded area. Now we counted tables and clearly there were plenty of open spaces for people who were standing in line & I saw the RSVP list and it wasn’t that long. In fact, we were told the wait was 20 minutes and it was actually 10 minutes. No complaints there, but I made note. Before being seated we decided to see where our section was and one of the waiters assumed we were trying to sit down without being cleared by a hostess. Now imagine being outside in 97 degree weather in Atlanta and you are serving tables outside: I GET IT YOU ARE HOT & AGGRAVATED! But we were trying to find our seats and no one knew where we were supposed to go. It didn’t matter by the time we did find our seats on our on because I received a text that our table was ready and the boys were happy to know we were about to eat.

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As we sat at the table I shared my concerns on twitter and the Braves Digital Marketing team jumped right on it. I met Katie who greeted us and gifted Christopher a Julio Teheran bobble head and she allowed me to voice my concerns. I informed her that even my 5 year old son said, “We’ve been to a Braves game before Mom and it’s never a problem like this”. He’s FIVE years old and understood that his fan experience was not ideal. Katie did everything she could to rectify the situation and the boys ended up have a better experience as the game went on. The Braves beat the Reds, we Chopped until our arms hurt, ice cream was flowing and we beat traffic leaving out right after the 9th inning ended. We love our home teams and my son Christopher was born in Atlanta. This game meant more to him on his special day and we are just happy it all worked out.

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