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NFL Preseason: Jaguars vs Falcons

Connie Irvin

Thursday night I attended the final pre-season Atlanta Falcons game in their new home, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS). This was my first time stepping foot in the new stadium and I was super impressed by the hospitality from the time I entered the stadium until I left. There were plenty of attendants helping you navigate your way into MBS. I entered in Gate 1 and was bummed because I had ticket issues and that’s where the ticket office is located. I wanted to take my Instagram and Snapchat pictures of the awesome falcon statue located at Gate 2. I had every intention of walking around the MBS but my ticket issues cut into my time. Suggestion, if you want to see the stadium and all of its glory, plan ahead. You’re going to need the time.

Once inside, I went up the escalators to journey to the 300 level. I stopped on level 100 to get a closer look at the field. It’s truly breathtaking. MBS doesn’t feel like a football stadium, it’s difficult to describe the feeling. If this was the intention of Arthur Blank and the Falcons organization, they achieved that goal. The stadium feels so airy and open…a breath of fresh air. I didn’t explore the 200 level, this will be something I want to do if I get the chance to attend another game. Each level has its own personality.

Usually seats in the higher level don’t have any personality or a feeling of inclusion. This can’t be said for the 300 level in MBS. This level wasn’t an afterthought. It has plenty of food and drink options and the magic is still magical just at a higher altitude. Seeing the food prices in person was still a shock. A $2 hot dog, a $4 souvenir cup with unlimited refills, $3 nachos…A STEAL!!! My seats were perfect! I was able to see the Atlanta skyline and the halo video board shined bright. My eyes also became fixated on the LED mega-column that displayed the some of the same images as the halo video board. IT’S LIT!


The Falcons may have lost the game Thursday night 13-7 but they won having the best football stadium in the NFL. It’s a beautiful venue and I couldn’t help but to think that Beyoncé would sell out the 75k seats and give her fans, me, a great show. As I was leaving, I HAD to find my way back that would lead me to the falcon statue. Going back down, I saw the club level bar area and it’s a great spot for a great lituation. As I kept walking, there was a spot to take pictures behind a back drop and fans were racing via virtual reality. So cool! Another cool treat was the Georgia High School Association wall of helmets.

There is a lot to see once you enter in through Gate 2. There’s a restaurant I presume, I saw people sitting in booths. I’d equate to the Red Lounge at Philips Arena, you’re able to eat and watch the game. I liked this quote that was above an eatery. I’m not sure of the significance or if there’s any significance at all. It speaks to team work because a team can’t win with just one player alone.

I finally reached what I wanted to see at the being. It was light brightly and glowed under the moon. ISSA 41-ft metal falcon! I’m actually glad that I didn’t get any pictures during the daylight, I think it looks better at night. It’s definitely a focal point. How could you not stop and take a picture?! The statue is absolutely beautiful and shines ever so brightly. In the words of Rihanna diamonds ain’t nothing when I’m shining witcha. The Atlanta Falcons did an outstanding job with the MBS. No stone was left unturned and no detail was too small. Congratulations Falcons fans on your new stadium, hopefully your team will Rise Up and have a high-flying season!

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