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Fan Experience: Sprint vs. Verizon

From Team Verizon to Team Sprint.

If you watched game 2 of the NBA Finals then you probably saw the Sprint commercial with Paul Marcarelli. Who is Paul Marcarelli?

You may remember him from the Verizon commercials—the man who said “can hear me now?”

Yeah…..the guy who was the “Test Man” for Verizon is now claiming Team Sprint. Why the switch? Marcarelli explained in the commercial.

“I used to ask if you ‘can hear me now” with Verizon. Not anymore. I’m with Sprint now, because guess what? It’s 2016 and every network is great. In fact Sprint’s reliability is now within one percent of Verizon and Sprint saves you 50 percent over Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile’s rates. Can you hear that?” Marcarelli said.

CNN Money gave more details.

Marcarelli really is a Sprint customer, though, as you might suspect, Sprint approached him first. Marcarelli’s contract was over with Verizon, and Sprint asked Marcarelli to try out its network, according to CEO Marcelo Claure.

“He liked it, so we decided to do a campaign,” Claure told CNNMoney. “We figured Paul would be the best person to tell everyone all networks are the same, but only Sprint can give you 50 percent off. He was pretty excited.”

Claure said Verizon Wireless has been the gold standard for network quality. And in surveys, people say the “can you hear me now” commercials were the most memorable.

Verizon continues to boast about its network quality, and it’s able to maintain the largest number of U.S. wireless customers—and the highest prices—because of its sterling reputation.

“Sprint is using our 2002 pitchman because their network is finally catching up to our 2002 network quality,” Verizon spokesman Jeffrey Nelson said, noting that Verizon is the “most awarded wireless network ever.”


Can’t wait to see if Verizon will come up with its own clever commercial in response to Marcarelli’s switch.


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