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Fan Experience: The Road to Cooperstown

When I was in the 7th grade, I didn’t realize how far Cooperstown was from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Now that I am older and live in Atlanta, Cooperstown is still FAR AWAY! Our family loves road trips and sports, so to combine the two makes it an even more memorable experience. My mother is a huge Ken Griffey, Jr. fan so for her to get an opportunity to see this is one of her fan dreams come true. Before we left Atlanta, Georgia to drive to Cooperstown, New York we had a run-in with a male baseball fan that I will never forget.


In 2016, men still feel the need to challenge a woman and what she knows about sports. I am sharing this because a man boldly asked my mother, “What you know about Ken Griffey?” I looked up and said, “Oooooo Don’t ask that!” Before my mom could reply to his first question he followed up with another one asking her, “What DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE KID?” I yelled, “You just had to go there didn’t you?” My mother first corrected him and stated that Ken Griffey is Jr’s father and that she had Ken Griffey, Jr on her shirt. She then shared her fandom with him and informed him that we were on our way to Cooperstown, New York. You should have seen his face. He was in SHOCK! Why?


He shared that it was weird to see two black women willing to travel to Cooperstown to experience this moment. My mom then told him, “Well you’ve never met women like us. There are a lot of sports female fans who will travel to see their favorite players.” You would think in 2016 that this wouldn’t happen because we have women who work in sports all over tv and radio, but it was and it was eye-opening to him and others that stood around to hear the conversation. When people ask me who taught me about sports I always share that it was my mother & father. They’re surprised when I mention my mother, but she helped nurture us a student-athletes and she made sure we understood how to be fans.


So far on this trip she has been asked by over 10 guys what she knew about Ken Griffey, Jr and she gave an answer each time. I don’t think I have patience like my mother, because after all of that I would’ve went off. LOL! We are traveling through 6 states to get to Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame weekend in Cooperstown and this already a trip we will never forget. It takes a lot of love and patience to travel this far with a family member especially when it’s the head of your family. We are almost there, but I wanted to share our experience on the road to Cooperstown.



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