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Fan Experience: UL Ragin Cajuns VS GSU Panthers

Georgia State University hosted the UL Ragin Cajun’s yesterday at the Georgia Dome and lost by 2. Final score, 23-21. I left the game underwhelmed.  This was the last home game to be played and they lost. The atmosphere was dry and boring. The Dome was once again “empty” This has been mentioned ad nauseum so I won’t add to the repetitiveness. I just wish my fellow Panthers would take pride in their football team and show up. It shouldn’t really matter if their a winning team or not. Them winning is more impressive, however, they need all of the support they can get.

I still haven’t figured out why students and alumni don’t show up. Is the Dome too big? Do the Panthers need their own stadium? Something smaller? Once you’re in, they give a good fan experience. I’m usually more impressed with my Panthers, last night I wasn’t. I won’t give up on the Panthers. She’ll always be #AllBlueAllIn




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