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Fan Experience: X3 SPORTS

X3 Sports has given me “life” on my current fitness journey.  I joined X3 Sports in April 2015 and it has been a wonderful experience for me.  I knew that I need something different to make a lifestyle change to become a healthier version of myself. I always want to do kickboxing with a heavy bag.  I had done the cardio kickboxing with the risers and steps before. However, I knew that I needed something different this time. I joined X3 Sports-Marietta and the rest is history!!!

X3 Sports was founded in 2007 and started with only the Marietta location.  They focus on kickboxing, boxing, and mixed martial arts classes. Now, with locations in Imnan Park and Midtown, along with the Marietta location. X3 has become one of Atlanta premiere training centers!!!

Of course, kickboxing is the most common class at X3.  I started off with the kickboxing class myself.  I quickly found my way around to trying the many other classes that X3 offer such as:

Fast Track- Circuit Training/Bootcamp

Power Track-Weight/Resistance Training

Boxing-Beginner and Advanced Boxing Techniques

I currently incorporate all of these classes in my current workout regimen.  I have currently lost over 26 lbs and still currently challenging myself every time I work out at X3.  Others classes X3 offers are Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Yoga, Youth Programs and Personal Training.

Also, I love the camaraderie at X3 with the members and trainers.  I have met so many people who I take classes with to keep me motivate on my fitness journey. Also, X3 has many perks and discounts with their community partners.  They also have different fitness challenges with their community partners.  I just finished participating in the AthletaFit6Challenge, which consisted of taking 6 classes between October 5 thru October 19 to receive a free pair of AthletaFit6 workout tights!!!

Five Reasons to Start X3

  • Drop 10-15 lbs in one month- Average person burns 700-900 calories in one-hour Kickboxing class.
  • Stress Relief- What better way to relieve stress than a punching bag and provide the proper resistance to tone your arms, abs, legs and increase heart rate.
  • Self Defense-X3 Classes are taught by professional fighters, so you learn the proper techniques.
  • Change Your Workout Routine-Each class challenges your body, so you never hit a “plateau”.
  • Results- Whether beginner or advanced our professional instructors guide you through the classes at your own pace to make sure you see results.

 Some of My Moments at X3

X3 Sports


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