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I was able to try Cyc.Tone.Om almost a year ago here in Atlanta at Piedmont Park. It was 30 minutes of Cyc fitness, 30 minutes of Pure Barre and 30 minutes of Yoga. It was a great introduction to various exercises and how each one can compliment the other. Yesterday I was invited to join other fitness fans in an indoor cycling class that had a dynamic duo teaching. IT WAS A BEAST!

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I know that I shared details here about SoulCycle, but the difference between the two is the intensity. I know that CYC gave me a more intense feeling and push as I cycled my way to the next level. I always feel as if I am not coordinated enough for indoor cycling, but it didn’t matter to me at all as long as my legs were moving. The only complaint that I had was being able to hear instructions. I was thankful that I had a bike near the front and on the side of the instructors so I didn’t miss a beat. If I wasn’t placed there and would’ve been in the back I wouldn’t have heard everything properly and I would’ve had a mediocre experience. I strongly suggest that if you do any indoor cycling class that you place yourself in the front! DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF!

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I saw some familiar faces cycling and it was great meeting new people. I met a lady named Andrea who was cycling next to me and we served as each others motivators. I enjoyed the community feel of the cycling class and I will return to take the class again. The biggest reward wasn’t just sore & tighter thighs, but one of my favorite juice companies Suja was there giving us lots of cold-pressed juice love. Thanks to Janae here at CYC Atlanta  the invitation to join this class!

@FansFavoriteFan got CYC’D!!!!


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