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Fan Fitness: Yoga & Chiefs Defensive Lineman Dontari Poe

Did you know that a 364 pound NFL player practiced yoga during the offseason? Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Dontari Poe knows exactly what downward facing dog is and he is centering himself during the healing process. Chiefs contributing writer Keiana Martin shared that Poe used Yoga to rehabilitate this offseason here: Yoga & Poe

Fitness athletes and enthusiasts know that yoga is perfect for stretching and assisting in the recovery of injuries. Yoga is an ancient discipline in which physical postures, breath practice and meditation are used. Yoga can improve your mental and spiritual health as well. Health Benefits of yoga include:

Increased flexibility
Increased muscle strength and tone
Improved respiration, energy and vitality
Maintaining a balanced metabolism
Weight reduction
Cardio and circulatory health
Improved athletic performance
Protection from injury

Poe  ChiefsPoe
“When somebody says it’ll help me feel better, that’s all you pretty much had to tell me,” Poe said. “I tried it out a couple of day sand it helped release the pressure. After that, it’s been nonstop.” Poe injured his back during the Chiefs minicamp last year and yoga has helped him recover from herniated disk surgery. Poe isn’t the only one doing this and there are more Chiefs players incorporating yoga classes in their daily workouts. Below we share 5 basic Yoga poses courtesy of Tribe Sports you can try at home and you can google a yoga studio near you. NAMASTE




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