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Fan Perspective: Death Penalty for Baylor University

Here’s my Fan Perspective on the Baylor Football team Scandal:

In light of the recent incidences at Universities around the country, not just Baylor, I truly feel that an example needs to be made and maintained. Various news agencies have aired or written about the rise of domestic violence on campuses. This is not new and Baylor is not alone.

As a Mother, I am sick and tired of hearing on the news that male athletes have molested, rapped, beat or ruined a female students reputation and it is time they be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and without prejudice. Sometimes there are male athletes doing these heinous to each other. Something needs to be done! If this was a female sports team doing this their program would be immediately suspended and all funding cut.

I did not speak out before for the same reasons other caring and concerned parents did not and have not spoken out loud. I had a daughter at a D1 school and I did not want what I said or did to be used against her. Now that she is no longer there I have used my voice to help other parents & student-athletes.

This country is ran by the good ole boys club and I am sick and tired of waiting for the right one of your daughter to be beaten, rapped, peed on, spat on used as a human garbage can for you insensitive male type A’s to do something about it.

By now it is clear just how angry I am.

Baylor deserves the DEATH PENALTY……………Mr. Starr Fired and Tenure revoked. R G Griffin III Heisman Taken, Head of Campus security fired, the whole department investigated and Baylor, Texas Police department investigated.

I would also like to see an NCAA satellite office in every state fully staffed and do not even try to tell me that you can’t afford it. In that office I would like to see 5-10 people who’s primary function is to hold open meetings in every city and town in the state(s) to educate the parents of student athletes on the rules.

The NCAA needs to have mandatory meeting with the coaches of every high School in each state twice a year to encourage them to tell the truth about a player that a school is looking for. Answer these questions honestly during recruitment: Is the student-athlete a brute to girls? What’s his real academic status?  Does he have a bad attitude on or off the playing field? It’s time to man up and hold everyone accountable.

It’s done because nobody stopped them or educated them that it’s wrong. It is often to late to handle this type of behavior by the time some of these student-athletes make it to college. Somewhere we need to reach out to our high schools and youth league programs to see what could be done there. Until then I want the NCAA to serve Baylor the Death Penalty and show these other universities & athletic programs that this is a serious matter with major consequences.

Submitted by Rosa Montgomery

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