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#FanExperience Bamboo Juices VIP Kitchen Tour

I  was able to enjoy a juice #FanExperience at Bamboo Juices VIP Kitchen tour. Kelley Sibley is the owner of this amazing juice company and their kitchen is located in Palmetto, Georgia. Bamboo is a cold pressed juice company that utilizes organic ingredients and the highest quality products on the market to maximize the nutritional value of each juice. Kelley has also had the chance of making juices for various athletes so why not get a better understanding of what her company does.

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Here are a few things I learned about Bamboo Juices:

  • Bamboo gets their products from over 100 vendors, because Kelley is always in search of the best products & ingredients for their juices
  • Bamboo is going through a 6 month process to become a 100% Organic facility and will be the only one in Georgia if approved
  • Bamboo embraces their online platform because it allows them to give each customer the freshest juices without pasteurizing juices & placing them in plastic bottles for days.
  • Bamboo serves to heal all health issues and help customers transform their lives
  • Bamboo believes in simplicity as they only put a few ingredients in each juice
  • Bamboo’s Almond milks are inspired by Kelley’s travel around the world
  • Bamboo’s top 4 components of their company are: Freshness, Raw, Organic & Cold Pressed

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Attendees during this kitchen tour were able to see how Kelley and her employees prepare to fulfill orders and why they do this in small batches. I know as an avid juice lover that many juice places add a lot of ingredients and their juices have longer shelf life because it is not cold pressed. As shared by Kelley, “Not all juices are created equal”. To see how Bamboo Juices makes their juices and see the machine that they use makes me respect the process and be willing to pay for that. What Kelley and her team at Bamboo Juices are doing is changing lives and can help you understand the difference in their company against others. Want fresh juice that has more vitamins and enzymes in it? Then you must go to to order and know that the company delivers you their best product daily.


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