#FanExperience: Thank you New Orleans- AllState SUGAR BOWL 2015



The very first gift I opened was a package that has these two beautiful #CFBPlayoff tickets in it! CAN YOU SAY HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE?!!!! I shouted like I won something! LOL! All five of my children looked at me crazy because they all knew I didn’t ask for anything this Christmas and was shocked I was so happy.


A few days after Christmas, my oldest stepson mailed this to me as a gift. He knows I love The Ohio State University and it meant a lot to me that he recognized that. Let’s just say this was going to be my official sweatshirt at the Sugar Bowl



I stalked anything Buckeyes related on Social media just to keep up with the team. Now if you follow me on Social media then you know that I am a fan of University of Alabama and will scream, “ROLL TIDE” too. But I had to chose and I couldn’t turn my back on my Buckeyes now.


Now after you’ve watched that small clip from our #RoadTriptoNOLA you can tell my Mother & I were pretty excited to head to the Superdome to watch our Buckeyes play. This was our second Sugar Bowl and this was the second time we were going to see our Buckeyes play in it. (Remember Terrelle Pryor led us to victory & Coach Sweatervest did too)



At the end of the College Football season, I began my SEC tour of Pure Barres. LOL! I have one more studio to hit (Pure Barre Auburn) and I have to say that the Pure Barre studio in New Orleans was phenomenal! They’re service was impeccable and their yoga wear selection is out of this world! I wanted to buy everything! I was thankful I got a chance to Lift, Tuck and Burn there before I went to the Sugar Bowl Game!


Many people question my love for The Ohio State University and it came from my Mother & Father. My Father was from Mansfield, Ohio and met my mother in college at University of Southern Mississippi. It amazes me that my older brother is a Michgian Fan, I am the Buckeyes Fan and my little sister is a fan of LSU. Yeah we are a bit dysfunctional, but we rep our teams well!


I shared my live tweets with fans watching as we witnessed history in the first College Football Playoff. I wore all black like I promised my followers since I knew my heart was torn. Our seats were AMAZING (Thanks Hubby) and we had a wonderful time with Buckeyes & Tide fans. The Ohio State University pulled off a great win and at the end of the game my Mother and I were in tears. WE WEREN’T READYYYYYYY!!!!


One thing that I shared by the end of the night was how we had to wait until we got near Picayune, Mississippi to get food. All of the Alabama Fans filled every Waffle House from New Orleans to Picayune and at our stop there were only two BAMA fans there. Whew! What a relief. After I ordered some egg whites scrambled and a Scattered, Smothered and Covered hash brown (I couldn’t resist) one of the fans got up to give me this necklace. He said, “You all deserve this and this should remind you that anything can happen. Ohio State earned their respect tonight and good luck against the DUCKS! You know we love to hunt in BAMA!” It was one of the most touching moments in FAN HISTORY to me. On my Instagram earlier that day I posted “ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN” and it DID!

Alabama has won 15 National Championships and now it was time for The Ohio State to find their place in history. This night was one to remember and it all happened on January 1, 2015…. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO LOYAL FANS!!!!!



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