#FanExperience: USM vs. MSU


I have seen quotes lately that state,

“If you aren’t willing to serve then you aren’t willing to lead!”

This past Labor Day weekend two Fans Favorite Fan team members journeyed down to my hometown to SERVE & watch College Football with me. We did more serving than watching, and The ROCK was electrifying. I am the National Spokesperson for Non-Profit Organization in Hattiesburg, Mississippi called Kuntry Kidz Inc. We (Kuntry Kidz, Inc) were fortunate to be contacted by University of Southern Mississippi to work a concession stand at their biggest game of the College Football Season. A percentage of the proceeds go towards the organization and their programs for the year.


We started serving Fans before the game even started! It was INSANE!

I am so happy I was attentive in my former Math classes and was able to subtract quickly on the spot! Imagine drunk fans screaming at you or fans who want to be drunk asking where the beer is. LOL!

I learned more about myself and what I am able to do when I push myself to help others.



Kuntry Kidz, Inc. works really hard in South Mississippi to provide resources and life skills to rural & inner city youth in the area. Our 3rd Annual Teen Summit is coming up, and I am thankful that my team members who came to Hattiesburg were able to see why I work so hard for this Non-Profit organization.

The game was great and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else but there at that time. Although Southern Miss lost, we couldn’t help but feel like we assisted Kuntry Kidz, Inc & its Founder Elisha Barnes-Booth in winning!


Thank You Kenya & Connie for your time and for your efforts during this College Football game. Did I mention that Kenya is a Mississippi State University alum?? LOL, I’ve got a great team around me!

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