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Fan Fitness: LNA Clothing Active Wear

Fans Fitness was created because many of you that follow Fans Favorite Fan also follow my fitness journey. You know it wasn’t easy for me to get started, but when I started I didn’t stop. One thing that keeps me motivated about working out every day is what I chose to wear during my workout. I am not a fan of loud colors or cheap active wear that can’t last during workouts. I was shocked to find out last year that my favorite clothing line created their own active wear line and you can click here to see it LNA Active Wear Collection! I immediately had to test it out.


I work out at least 2-3 times a day so what I wear is very important. I could’ve gotten a smaller size in my leggings, but my fit was perfect for my Pure Barre Decatur  & Sculpthouse classes. I like to do cardio at the gym so I tested my fit out there too and was happy that my leggings stayed put. I’ve got a lot behind me that I run with so I always want my leggings or gym pants to stay in place while running sprints on the treadmill. It was easy to transition my look from the barre to running errands with a few of my LNA Clothing basics I had to thrown on. I’ve received so many compliments and I feel as if LNA got it right with this line. I will get my hands on this entire collection and share my looks with you all. We are all working hard for the muscle so let’s look great doing it!


These abs might be loyal after all!

You can purchase my look here: LNA Active Wear on

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