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Fans Corner: Ice Mike and Asia
Recently, I talked with Michael Worthington regarding his special bond with his daughter Asia and how sports helps strengthen their bond while inspiring others.
What inspired you to document the moments with your daughter?
Some of my best moments In life are the moments I share with my daughter. I enjoy showing the love I have for her. Simple things but meaningful to me.
Who is the bigger football fan: You or Asia?
Hmmmm…. I watch football and basketball. She sits besides me and watches whatever I watch and make the best of it! Ha! So, it’s a tie! 

In what ways have sports help strengthen the bond between you and Asia?

No matter what sport event is going on, it’s still great bonding time! Because when sports come on it gets you in the mood to snack and eat finger foods! So food and sports! Can’t beat that! Perfect bonding! Food makes anyone happy! 
What was the one moment that made you realize “The Ice Mike and Asia Show” is positively affecting and inspiring others? Part two is, have single fathers asked you for advice about how to interact with their daughters?
Once I start getting private messages from kids, mothers, fathers, new fathers, or just positive energy from other people made me realize that I’ve effected some lives! I receive tons of touching stories from private people that motivated me as well just as much as they say I motivate them! Single fathers or fathers in general send me private messages daily on all my platforms.
Have people compared you and Asia to Stephen and Riley Curry? If so, how do you respond to the comparisons?
Yes, I see tags from my followers or random people on Instagram. Its very cool getting compared to the Curry’s! I love their family! So its awesome! 
What’s the one thing you want our readers and followers need to know about Ice Mike and Asia?
 I just want to thank all my loyal fans and followers for showing us so much love and support! Asia really enjoys everyone! Keeping her smiling is what keeps me smiling! She loves making videos and interacting! So thanks to all my followers for such positive energy!

You can follow Mike and Asia on instagram at @IceMikeLoveAsia!

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