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Fans Corner: Alabama Superfan Tee Hoskins

College football reigns supreme in one hundred days. One hundred days may seem far away but August will be here before you know it and college football fans will be once again glued to their TVs, attending games and tailgating. College football doesn’t thrill me like it does Tee Hoskins; thrill wouldn’t even do her justice in describing her team of choice, the University of Alabama. She’s isn’t just thrilled by Roll Tide, she lives by Roll Tide…was molded by it. What’s it like to be a Bama superfan? Find out below!


Connie Irvin: Are you from Alabama?

Tee Hoskins: Yes, that’s where my whole family is from and a majority still resides there. I joined my mother and siblings here in Atlanta when I was in the 7th grade.

CI: How does it feel to be a Alabama fan in a UGA/ GA Tech world? Do you ever root for the home teams?

TH: Absolutely NOT! I never root for either of those teams. It’s not an option. Although UGA/GA Tech fans are everywhere down here, there’s a lot of Bama fans running around too. I never feel a certain way because our record speaks for itself. There’s no denying the greatness that is Bama.

CI: When did you first become an Alabama football fan? Why Alabama?

TH: In my family you’re either an Alabama or Auburn fan. Early on I was neither. I remember being a kid hearing and seeing the emotion of my family when they would watch the games, especially when we played Auburn. It was fun to watch them go back and forth. Seeing them laughing, eating, bonding over the game of football. ALABAMA Football! There was this one player named David “The Deuce” Palmer, I’ll never forget his name because it was said so much, who really got the entire family fired up when he played. This was in the early 90’s so I was maybe 11 or 12 but this is when I became an Alabama fan. Whenever he got the ball everyone stood up and watched in amazement at the way he played. The plays, the catches, the runs he would make had all of us in awe of him.
Alabama’s my team because it’s the home team. We lived maybe 30 miles west of Tuscaloosa, which is where UA is, so for me it was natural to root for them. Seeing my family’s love of the game and the emotion of seeing them win or lose was the biggest influence on me too. Alabama is just in my blood.

CI: What is special about Alabama that make you a superfan?

TH: I’m a true Alabama fan whether we win or lose! I’m loyal to the Crimson and White. The way the team and staff carries themselves with respect and confidence is what’s admirable. The coach sets the standard and to see the players not want to let him down, to see the way they respect him and look up to him, the way they give their best every game is exemplary. When you have a bunch of young men who truly admire their coach, the coaching staff and the game that is special by itself. They make Alabama special, which in turn makes me a superfan.


Tee Hoskins

CI: What are you expecting from Alabama this season?

GREATNESS! We have some extremely athletic and smart recruits, that’s nothing new for us though. I’m excited to see what Raekwon Davis and Kendell Jones, both defensive tackles, are going to bring. I hear they’re both HUGE and Jones is known as “Hulk”. That makes me very happy lol! Ben Davis, a LB from Gordo, AL, is from little ole’ Pickens County like me so I’m super excited to see him do his thing. The recruiting class this year is absolutely amazing and I’m sure under Nick Saban they will show us all what they are really made of.



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