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Fans Favorite: Crying Jordan Meme Master Bryce Wood

Bryce Wood

You can’t log into your Twitter account these days and not see Michael Jordan’s face, dubbed the Crying Jordan, plastered on just about any and everything. For example, last night it was Steph Curry’s time on the summer jam screen. He introduced the world to his new sneakers and well, it was a welp moment. GOT EM!!!!!!


I can’t tell you how the Michael Jordan’s crying face meme got started but I can tell you that the best photoshop artist to ever do is Bryce Wood. Bryce’s memes are skillfully crafted and the placement of MJ’s crying face is flawless. Bryce is from Kansas and graduated from Washburn University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. A millennial doing it all of the culture. You’ve RT’d his creations without even knowing it and his first meme to go viral was Tom Brady’s courthouse sketch.

“I believe my first meme to go viral was the Crying Jordan on Tom Brady’s courtroom sketch. That one just kind of blew up and it started popping up everywhere. I am always very excited when one of my tweets goes viral. It is a very cool feeling knowing people are enjoying my work and taking the time to retweet or comment. A lot of my images do not go viral but I still enjoy creating them for my own satisfaction. I am always trying to one up my last creation. If it goes viral, that is just a plus.”

You can say that Bryce was made for this, molded by it. He learned to use a lot of programs including photoshop during college. It’s been easy for him but he learned to master photoshop by creating graphics in his spare time. I’m always intrigued by graphic artists and their artistry and for Bryce, it’s not that difficult. 

“Most of the Crying Jordans I do only take me a few minutes to create. Lately I have been trying to be more creative by always trying to one up myself so I can keep the Crying Jordan alive for as long possible. I know inevitably it will die off. I create them by using all the techniques I have learned in Photoshop. For example I try and make the original Crying Jordan face appear seamless on someone else’s face which includes blending and matching color tones. My goal is to make them appear like they have not been Photoshopped but just crying.”


The way that Bryce comes up with his memes are truly legendary. He has a rhythm in creating his memes and they’re not all sports related.

Normally if there is a big game I will create two Crying Jordan memes for each team before the game starts. This way I have both covered and I can always use one down the line. The one that I do not use I keep in my back pocket for the future. Sometimes an event happens during a game that is Crying Jordan worthy and I will have to create one immediately. Sports memes just seem to be what people want to see on Twitter right now. I create a lot of different graphics using Photoshop. Basically if someone can come up with an idea, I can make it happen.”


Being known as the greatest to ever do it, much like his subject, Michael Jordan, Bryce’s notoriety has opened up opportunities for the kid. ” I have had a lot of people reach out to me. I am hoping this will help me get a job where I can be creative use my talent with photoshop.” This a perfect example of how social media is never just social media. You never know who’s watching and it only takes ONE tweet and your life can be forever changed. Bryce’s take on him being  “Twitter famous”… “I love social media, so being part of the internet culture is perfect for me. It has become a part of my everyday life. I am always trying to think of something new to surprise people with.”

The Crying Jordan memes always seem to one up the last and they are hilarious. We live in such a microwave social society and it’s amazing that these memes take on lives of their own and are constantly the gift that keeps on giving. Bryce Wood is just a regular guy who has a passion for sports and art.

“I enjoy creating memes on photoshop and sharing them with the world. I hope to keep coming up with new ideas and gaining more recognition.”




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