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Fans Corner: Superfan Lizz Robbins

Every Twitter user has a favorite follow. Whether it’s an actor, entertainer, comedian or athlete. A favorite follow could also be the “average person” who became popular on Twitter due to their funny tweets or knowledge of current events, sports, etc.

For some sports fans—me included—their favorite sports follow is Lizz Robbins a.k.a. @Lizzs_Lockeroom. Lizz has become a Twitter fav for many sports fans because of her vast knowledge of sports and her sense of humor. Her Twitter account gets poppin’ during football season.

Lizz took the time to answer some questions for Fans Favorite Fan about sports, her social media popularity and her brand.

1) How did your love of sports developed? 

Lizz: From my brothers. We had one TV in the house so I had to watch what they watched, [and] the more I watched the more my love grew. Now they come to me with sports questions. It’s great lol.


2) After following you on Twitter for awhile I presume that you either live in Maryland or Virginia?? So I understand why you’re a fan of the Redskins, Capitals, Georgetown basketball and the Orioles. How did you become a fan of the Knicks and Michigan football? 

Lizz: I’m from the DC area, that is correct.  I’m a Hoyas fan as you said, [and] my favorite player of all time is Patrick Ewing. I followed him to the Knicks and I stayed with the team. Michigan was my school of choice, but I couldn’t afford it. I followed the football team and stayed a fan.


3) What is your favorite sports moment that you’ve witness in your lifetime? And, what is the worst moment? 

Lizz: My favorite moment is watching the Redskins win the Super Bowl [in the] 1991-1992 season. I witness the other two, but that one I was old enough to really enjoy, went to the parade and everything. Now I need them to win one where I can actually have a toast. The worst moment was Joe Theismann’s leg break after [Lawrence Taylor] sacked him. The most gruesome thing I’ve seen in my lifetime; it still gives me chills.


4) How were you able to use sports to gain a large following on Twitter, build a brand and gain your own fans? 🙂  

Lizz: Quite a few people followed me from other sites (Myspace, etc). A lot of it has to do with my former modeling career, so many weren’t aware of my sports knowledge and love of sports and their following helped others come to my account.


5) Who are some of your favorite Twitter people and why? 

Lizz: It’s way too many to name. There’s some pretty amazing people on Twitter. I’m thankful to have connected to them. I’ve learned so much, I’m thankful for that and the debates. It’s helped me expand my mind on a lot of things that I use to be close minded to.


6) Has social media changed the way you watch sporting events? For example, are there certain things you look for to create a funny meme, etc.? 

Lizz: Absolutely. The real time reaction is much better than the water cooler next day reaction.  The memes just make it even more fun. To create one I look for a certain expression or action, then I think of a quote, song or person I can relate it to and hope someone catches the reference. Sometimes I have a hit and other times I hear the Price Is Right fail horn. 


7) Although a lot of good things come out of social media, of course you know there are some bad that comes with it, such as trolls—specifically men who disrespect women sports fans. How are you able ignore the trolls? 

Lizz: Yes, for all the good things, there’s the bad. I use to engage all the trolls, til I realized that’s all they do is troll. They aren’t looking to engage, so I get my “Dikembe Block” on or I just scroll. I have been fooled a few times, where I go back and forth, go to their page and see the comments and realize they’re trolling. Being a woman, I have guys come at me about sports or ask questions thinking I wouldn’t have the answer. I love to prove them wrong. Believe it or not there are some “fun trolls”, who aren’t being rude and nasty, just having fun. Those I don’t mind.


8) As one of your loyal followers (lol), I’ve noticed that sometimes you like to tweet athletes, coaches, etc. “Hi” usually on game week or during free agency. What is the story behind “Hi”?  

Lizz: LOL, it’s my way of “Twittercruiting” yes, I just created a word, but it’s just having fun. I know these free agents aren’t going to come to my team by me tweeting “Hi”. Now and then I get response and I love the back and forth from their team fans.  Maybe one day my “Hi” will work. The latest quest is for a Knicks Point Guard, so I’ll be saying “Hi” to a lot of them. 


9) How will continue to use social media to further your brand? 

Lizz: I use to be focused on brand a few years ago, but now I just like to have fun. While I’ve received some great opportunities (interviews, being a social media correspondent on WUSA9 in DC, etc), I’m more about the interaction and getting new views and opinions about what I love and that’s sports.

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