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Fans Favorite: The StephMoji

I have a confession. I didn’t know there was a Golden State team. I didn’t know who Stephen Curry was. If you’re like me, you have fallen in love with Golden State Warriors MVP Stephen Curry and his family. I love their family dynamics and I can’t get enough of Riley Curry. Now you have the Curry’s at your finger tips with the StephMoji. It’s all things Warriors, Steph, Ayesha and Riley. This is marketing gold seeing as the NBA Finals Game 1 debuts tonight.



You have Chef Curry, Shimmy Curry, Steph Curry with the THREE but we really know it’s all about Riley. Riley has been transformed into a gif, doing her infamous Nae Nae dance. You also have press conference Riley. This is a very carefree toddler and I don’t see how you can’t love her! This BY FAR my favorite video of the kiddo.

I’m going to download this app because why not. You can never have too many emojis, right?! Peep the some of the emojis below!

There’s Steph surfing, Steph in Ultimate Warrior paint, Steph as Mother Theresa, Steph dancing a bit, the 3-point symbol, the chef hat, a fire basketball, either the basketball shattering the backboard or splashing the backboard, the 415 emoji which is also the area code for San Francisco, Steph chewing his mouthguard, Steph’s gear on his chair in the locker, Steph holding up the follow-through, Steph golfing, Steph Bazemore’ing, Steph shooting from the movie, and Steph as a secret agent dribbling the basketball.



Ayesha Curry, the bridge, Curry jersey, more Chef Curry, a gigantic basket, rain boots, Steph sneering, Steph growing out his hair, the mouthguard, the Curry family celebrating the title, spinning the ball on his finger, Steph leaning back in his warmups, Oracle Arena, the MVP award, Curry announcing his presidential candidacy, and either Steph doing yoga or slapping the floor on defense.



Steph and Riley at a presser, a stew in a pot, a basketball court, a wet basketball, currency with President Curry on a 3-dollar bill (I guess he won the presidential race), his autograph so you can forge documents, Steph holding up 7 fingers, his number, Steph sneering some more, Steph with both MVP awards, a left-handed floater, Steph stretching in his sleeved jersey, Steph and Ayesha on date night, the follow-through up close, Curry on fire, and Curry being a Carolina Panthers fan.



H/T CBS Sports

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