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Fan Perspective: Unwritten MLB Rules

I’m not on the “Make America Great Again” train, but I am on the “Make Baseball Fun Again” train with Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper.

For years, MLB players have lived by the “unwritten rules” of baseball. Those rules include a batter can not show up a pitcher if he hits a home run by either slow trotting around the bases or flipping the bat. Players can’t do any type of over the top celebration because it would be considered unsportsmanlike.

To that I say: bull crap!

Sports are supposed to be fun. If a player makes a big play that player should have the right to do whatever celebration he or she wants to do. If the opposing player doesn’t like it then that player should do a better job of defending the play.

It should not end in an argument or fistfight between the players or a huge brawl between the entire teams.

As a baseball fan I love seeing bat flips. The bat flip Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista did in last year’s American League Division against the Texas Rangers was epic!

The fact that the Rangers waited until their last regular game against the Blue Jays this season to respond to Bautista’s bat flip was a punk move.

Bautista was hit by a pitch from Rangers pitcher Matt Bush. Two batters later, Bautista, was trying to break-up a double play, made an illegal slide into second base and made contact with second baseman Rougned Odor. Odor shoved Bautista and punched him in the face, which ignited a bench-clearing brawl.

The punch was one of the best punches I’ve seen in a baseball fight and it trended for days on Twitter. However, there would have never been a brawl if the Rangers had just accepted the fact that had gotten beat by a good team, which celebrated in a fun way.

No need to get mad about it and retaliate. Just beat them fair in square the next time you face them. If a pitcher doesn’t like how the batter celebrated after a home run, then strike him out at his next at bat.


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