March Madness: Top 5 things from Selection Sunday

Immediately when fans found out who the top Four number one seeds were there was a problem:

IMG_4532   IMG_4533

IMG_4534  IMG_4535

Here are my top 5 things that happened during the 2-hour Selection Sunday show:

  1. Michigan State did NOT get a number 1 seed!
  2. A full bracket was leaked courtesy of @TJFSports
  3. The leaked bracket was 100% right!
  4. Charles Barkley does not know how to use a touchscreen, LOL!
  5. March Madness hashtags & emojis are LIVE!

2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Printable Bracket <—- Click this link to get your tournament bracket today! 

Make sure you use these hashtags & emojis for the ultimate FAN Experience during March Madness:









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