Fans Favorite: Demaryius Thomas raises his VOICE

#RaiseYourVoice According to Each month, over 400,000 children experience the first stage of the Orphan Cycle- ABANDONMENT. Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas has joined the #RaiseYourVoice November Campaign to bring disrupt the Orphan Cycle. If you are not familiar with his story please read The Long Way Home written by Eli Saslow on He shares his story here and Demaryius wrote on his Instagram page about joining forces with I’m ME organization.


“No amount of money, no amount of fame, no amount of anything in the world can replace your mother. When I was 11, my Mom was arrested and I knew I wasn’t going to see her for a long, long time. From that day on, I was basically an orphan. There are millions of kids just like me all across the U.S., and hundreds of millions all over the world. This month, I play for each and every single one of them. I am Raising My Voice to End the Orphan Cycle with @imme_org’s November Campaign and the Orphans of the world. Read my full story at: Demaryius Thomas For Orphans #raiseyourvoice2015″ 

We support Demaryius and his efforts! You are truly a #FansFavorite

Visit I’m ME Organization for more information on how you can assist with their efforts!

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