Fans Favorite: Kobe Fans follow his Farewell Tour

This has to be one of the funniest stories I’ve read after all of the sports news I saw yesterday. Two Kobe fans from Milan, Italy quit their jobs when Kobe Bryant announced he would retire. They moved to Chicago and have spent $30,000 traveling along his farewell tour. It has been reported that they spent over $8k in Philly just to see Kobe and the Lakers lose. Honestly, if you’re a true fan you don’t care if your team or favorite player loses. You care about seeing them play the game they love for the last time.

KobeFans  KobeFans4

The two fans were honest about what they did and I can’t wait to see if Kobe will refund them their money or at least have dinner with them. Kobe Bryant acknowledge the two in Chicago and I honestly feel like that makes this worth it! They have to be Kobe’s biggest fans and I just don’t see anyone beating what these fans did for their favorite player. But one has to wonder how their job search will go when asked why they quit their last jobs? LOL!

KobeFans2  KobeFans5



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