Fans Favorite: Warrick Dunn Charities

If you are not familiar with Ex-NFL star Warrick Dunn’s charity work then you must be living under a rock. He has helped to provide 145 single parents with home and he is still working to help more. Dunn has been working to honor his mother who was a single parent and was killed during an off-duty shooting back in 1993. Dunn used insurance money and fund from a trust that was set up by the city to purchase a home for his family.


His charitable efforts began at Tampa Bay when Coach Dungy challenged players to be more involved in their communities. As stated by, the charity has 3 full-time employees, has provided 145 single parents with homes over the last 18 years, and 96% of beneficiaries continue to be homeowners. It is great to see the work that Warrick Dunn has been doing and I am sure his mother is in heaven smiling!


Pictured above is Clemson Quarterback DeShaun Watson’s mother who was one of the single parents that Warrick Dunn Charities & Habitat for Humanity was able to assist in home ownership.

Warrick Dunn Charities

Keep up the great work Warrick Dunn Charities!!

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