#FansNBA: Atlanta Hawks set Franchise Winning Record

Sometimes a wife will listen to her husband. This particular night I am glad that I did. LOL! Hubby is an Atlanta Hawks Season ticket holder and generally I argue with him on whether or not I want to attend a game. YEAH YEAH YEAH I know! But this time was different!

I got a chance to witness Sports History (AGAIN this month) and it was because the Atlanta Hawks won their 15th straight win! INSANE! The Atlanta Hawks beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 103-93. I never would’ve thought after their preseason issues that they would come together like this and shock the NBA nation. Sometimes it takes controversy and scandals in order to see how a team like this will come together.


One of the things that I respect about the Hawks is that there is no SUPERSTAR on that team. The stars on the Team are actually every player that hits the floor and does their job. The media hates the fact that they can’t give the credit to one person and this makes me question their knowledge of the sport. Yes FANS love superstars, but most of us actually respect what a team does together! The Hawks are still winning and let’s see how they’ll do after the All-Star break.



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