#FansNBA: Clippers Players Unravel After Playoffs

After the Clippers lost in Game 7 to the Houston Rockets, there are new reports claiming DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul had a huge falling out. The root of the argument begins with Jordan’s efforts at the free throw line. Jordan shoots 42% from the free throw line and 53% from the field in their playoff series with the Rockets. His lack of commitment to working on his free-throws this season rubbed Paul the wrong way. Paul maybe one of the nicest guys off the court; however he’s like a pit-bull on the court. In the Playoffs, making free-throw are very critical, one miss or make from the line could win a game and or series for this team. Paul was infuriated with Jordan and this situation could hurt the Clippers chances of re-signing Jordan.


A close source of the Clippers states, “Things aren’t good there. He (Jordan) may leave, he really might.” Jordan will be a free agent this summer and will explore his options with other teams around the league. The Clippers have the money to pay Jordan but dollars does not matter at this point. Most likely, DeAndre Jordan will sign elsewhere and start fresh with a new organization. I think if the Clippers play their cards right, this could be a plus. There will be several free agents on the market this off-season, including Kevin Love. The Clippers are just a few players away from a becoming a bonafide championship contending team.


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