#FansNBA: Dwyane Wade May Have A Future With The Los Angeles Lakers

As Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat are sill in contract negotiation talks, Wade may have a little trick up his sleeve. It is widely known that Wade would love to stay and retire from the NBA while wearing a Heat jersey, but he could be on the move this summer. imageChris Mannix of Sports Illustrated reported, “While many execs still see Wade/Heat as contract saber rattling, a Wade option will be the Lakers. Mutural interest, per league sources.” Wade could decline his player optioin this summer to become an unrestricted free agent if things go south in Miami. There is a huge gap in contract negotiation talks. Wade wants $20M over the next three seasons. Meanwhile, the Heat are suggesting a payout of $16M for next season, then Wade would take a huge pay cut over the following two seasons.

With Wade eying other teams, this will accelerate Pat Riley’s interest in signing a deal in D-Wade’s favor. I highly doubt this Wade/Laker deal will go any farther than a “Hello” or “Hey,” but money talks and if the price fits, things could get very interesting.

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